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The Men of Integrity (MOI) retreats offer a profound four-day experience for men seeking to connect with their authentic selves, take responsibility for their lives, and make meaningful changes. Led by Michael Tierno and Yoni Havana, these retreats are designed to help men embrace integrity, heal past wounds, and build a supportive community.


A man of integrity embodies several key principles:
  1. Responsibility: He takes full responsibility for his life, rejecting victim mentality and recognizing his power to persevere and create change.
  2. Kindness and Humility: He speaks kindly and humbly to others, understanding that respect and continuous learning are vital.
  3. Action over Words: He lets his actions speak, ensuring his deeds align with his words.
  4. Honor for Women: He honors the divine feminine, treating all women with deep respect and reverence.
  5. Passion and Courage: He finds joy in his passions and exhibits courage by confronting and healing past traumas.
  6. Vulnerability and Authenticity: He embraces vulnerability and authenticity, which foster deep connections and personal growth.
  7. Advocacy: He stands up for others, addressing injustices with compassionate action.
  8. Lifelong Learning: He continuously seeks knowledge, striving to understand his role in the world better.
  9. Self-Improvement: He aims to be better today than he was yesterday and even better tomorrow, focusing on personal growth without comparison to others.


The retreat is a carefully curated experience with a clear beginning, middle, and end, designed to help participants connect with their authentic selves and take responsibility for their lives. The goal is to leave as better husbands, fathers, employees, leaders and overall better individuals.

Day 1: Training

Participants arrive in the afternoon, get settled, and enjoy a healthy dinner. The evening begins with a gratitude ceremony, setting the tone for the retreat. An Intro to Medicine Ceremony follows, providing a glimpse into the deeper work ahead and offering techniques for navigating intense experiences.
This day focuses on establishing the foundational principles that will guide participants through the retreat. The gratitude ceremony is an opportunity to open the container of the retreat by acknowledging and expressing gratitude for the blessings in their lives. This sets a positive and intentional tone for the days ahead.
The Intro to Medicine Ceremony involves a series of one-on-one expanded states journeys. These brief but profound sessions are designed to assess each participant’s readiness for the deeper work to come. Michael and Yoni offer personalized guidance and techniques to help participants navigate the upcoming ceremonies effectively.

Day 2: The Deep Dive

The second day involves a deep dive into personal and collective shadows. Starting with a morning routine of movement, breathing exercises, and meditation, the day progresses into workshops and a four to five-hour medicine ceremony. This deep dive is designed to unearth unconscious behavior patterns and bring light to the shadows, fostering significant personal growth.
The morning routine prepares participants mentally and physically for the intense work ahead. Following this, a workshop provides practical “flight instructions” to help participants navigate the deep dive ceremony. These instructions include tips and techniques for maintaining composure and maximizing the experience’s benefits.
The deep dive ceremony itself is the centerpiece of the retreat. Over four to five hours, participants engage in a profound journey into their inner selves, supported by facilitators who ensure a safe and nurturing environment. This ceremony aims to reveal and address deep-seated patterns and behaviors, allowing participants to respond to life more consciously and effectively.
After the ceremony, participants have time to rest, enjoy a nourishing meal, and begin the integration process. The evening typically includes a fire circle where participants can share their experiences and insights, further solidifying the day’s lessons.

Day 3: Divinity Within

The third day focuses on connecting with the divine essence within each participant. After the morning routine and a share-circle, there are one-on-one sessions for personal guidance.
The divinity ceremony helps participants recognize their divine nature and their connection to the universal consciousness. Informal, one-on-one discussions with Michael and Yoni offer personalized support, allowing participants to explore any issues or revelations that emerged during the deep dive. This personalized guidance ensures that each participant’s unique journey is honored and supported.
On day 3, Michael’s workshop on polarized relationships explores how men can be better partners in their romantic relationships. It provides practical tools and insights for fostering more satisfying relationships.
The divinity ceremony is a deeply spiritual experience designed to connect participants with their inner divine essence and the universal consciousness. Through this profound journey, participants explore their inherent divinity and their connection to all life. This ceremony reinforces the understanding that they are part of a greater whole, which can be a profoundly grounding and inspiring realization.
Evening activities include a nourishing dinner and another fire circle, where participants can reflect on the day’s experiences and continue to build connections within the group.

Day 4: Brotherhood and Community

The final day is dedicated to solidifying the bonds formed during the retreat and integrating the lessons learned. Starting with a morning routine and workshops on physical well-being and future manifestation, the day culminates in a brotherhood ceremony. This heart-opening event allows participants to fully embrace their newfound insights and prepare to carry them forward.
In the brotherhood ceremony, participants engage in a journey focused on open-heartedness that fosters deep connections and a sense of community. This ceremony often involves a cire ceremony (depending on conditions) where the men share their experiences, express their gratitude, and set intentions for their future. The sense of brotherhood and shared purpose is palpable, creating lasting bonds among participants.
The day begins with the usual morning routine, followed by a workshop led by Yoni on physical well-being. This workshop covers essential topics such as breathwork, hydration, and nutrition, providing participants with practical tools to maintain their physical health and support their ongoing personal growth.
A subsequent workshop focuses on manifesting one’s future.
Participants engage in exercises that help them envision their lives five years from now, setting concrete goals and developing a plan to achieve them. This workshop empowers participants to take proactive steps toward creating the lives they desire.
The brotherhood ceremony, which marks the culmination of the retreat, is a powerful and emotional experience. Participants engage in heart-opening practices, supported by the facilitators and their fellow participants. This ceremony reinforces the sense of community and shared purpose, leaving participants feeling deeply connected and supporte


The retreat experience extends beyond the four days. Participants join a lifelong community with continuous support through various means:
Telegram Group: Each retreat forms its own Telegram group, enabling participants to stay connected, share experiences, and offer mutual support. These groups often evolve into a network of lifelong friendships, providing a space for ongoing dialogue and camaraderie.
Monthly Follow-ups: About a month after the retreat, participants have a follow-up session to reflect on their experiences, assess their progress, and address any challenges they may be facing. This helps reinforce the lessons learned and maintains momentum in their personal growth.
Regular Zoom Meetings: Every four to six weeks, the MOI community holds Zoom meetings that include both graduates and potential new members. These meetings start with movement and meditation, followed by discussions on current challenges, sharing of insights, and workshops on various topics. These sessions ensure that participants continue to learn and grow, providing a platform for ongoing support and education.
Workshops and Resources: The community offers workshops on diverse subjects such as sacred sexuality, personal altars, and more. These workshops, often led by Michael or Yoni, provide valuable knowledge and practical tools for participants to integrate into their lives. Additionally, the MOI website hosts presentations and resources from past meetings, making this information accessible to all members.


Watch a 25 minute video where Michael discusses the main goals and benefits of the Men of Integrity Retreat, including what to expect during the retreat, details of each of the four days, details of each of the four journeys, information surrounding the support workshops and integrations sessions, and post retreat support to further our growth as men.
Outline of the four day MOI Retreat:
Day 1: Training
Day 2: Deep Dive
Day 3: Divinity Within
Day 4: Brotherhood and Community


FEBRUARY 2024 Retreat:
📆 Friday, February 23, 2024 – Tuesday, February 27, 2024
MAY 2024 Retreat:
📆 Friday, May 3, 2024 – Tuesday, May 7, 2024
JULY 2024 Retreat:
📆 Friday, July 12, 2024 – Tuesday, July 16, 2024
OCTOBER 2024 Retreat:
📆 Friday, October 4, 2024 – Tuesday, October 8, 2024
Location for all 2024 Retreats:
🌉 Northern California – Outside Bay Area


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