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The Men of Integrity Four-Day Retreat is a retreat run by holistic life guide, Yoni Havana and Expanded States Guide, Michael Tierno. It is an intense, four days where we use expanded states and the power of community to crack open your heart and return you to your life better than when you arrived. We are talking about a total shift in your way of being, an upgrade to your software, a refresh of your soul.

We are a community of men who share a passion to live in integrity and continuously evolve. There is no better time than today to begin to chip away the walls that prevent us from living in integrity and in accordance with our life’s purpose.

Our goal is for you to come back from the retreat as better husbands, lovers, fathers, friends, businessmen, athletes, and humans– to be better at living in the present moment, better at finding and giving the gratitude that is always within ourselves, to get in better touch with our essence, love ourselves better, love and care for those in our lives better, to be better at feeling empathy and compassion for our brothers and sisters, and be better at discarding the judgments, worries, and distractions that do not serve us.


A Man of Integrity takes 100% responsibility for his life.
A Man of Integrity speaks kindly and humbly to others.
A Man of Integrity lets his actions speak for himself.
A Man of Integrity honors all women.
A Man of Integrity is passionate.
A Man of Integrity is courageous.
A Man of Integrity does not fear vulnerability and authenticity.
A Man of Integrity stands up for others.
A Man of Integrity is always learning more.
A Man of Integrity strives to be better today than he was yesterday and better tomorrow than he is today.


You will be challenged by yourself, by others, and by the work. But you will not be alone.

One of the expectations for the retreat is that you will connect with that which connects and supports us all -because we are all always connected. Together, we will support one other through our different, yet similar challenges, and celebrate our triumphs.

If you follow the signs, the path always leads to a more open heart. You will leave with a road map that directs you in your life’s journey.

Included in each retreat is delicious food and comfortable accommodations. Your job will be to show up with a willingness to do the work.

We are looking forward to meeting you, and seeing your next evolution on the other side.


Watch a 25 minute video where Michael discusses the main goals and benefits of the Men of Integrity Retreat, including what to expect during the retreat, details of each of the four days, details of each of the four journeys, information surrounding the support workshops and integrations sessions, and post retreat support to further our growth as men.
Outline of the four day MOI Retreat:
Day 1: Training
Day 2: Deep Dive
Day 3: Divinity Within
Day 4: Brotherhood and Community


Feel called to join our brotherhood? Want to learn more? Fill your application below and schedule a free consultation with Michael or Yoni. We are excited to meet you!
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